MIST Chicago

Excellence Exemplified

Dear MIST Chicago,

Thank you all for making this amazing weekend possible. It wouldn't have been possible without any of you. To our amazing board, thank you for putting in countless hours for the past six months making sure everything ran flawlessly. To our volunteers, thank you for doing all the tedious tasks that needed to be done to ensure that the weekend ran smoothly. To our judges, thank you for taking the time to grade and judge the competitions and making sure everything was done fairly and organized. Thank you to our sponsors and our host American Islamic College, without your contributions MIST wouldn't have been feasible. Lastly but most importantly, thank you to the competitors; without you all being so enthusiastic about the weekend and wanting to participate, this weekend wouldn't have happened.

To all the winners, congratulations. To those who weren't able to place, there's always next year; learn from this weekend and come back and take MIST by storm. If you are graduating, we'd love for you to come and volunteer or judge or be part of the board. As awesome as MIST is, you'll move onto bigger and better things. Seeing you all this weekend, we're proud to say the future is in good hands.

Lastly, we'd like to apologize to anyone we've misspoken to, we've gotten angry at, we've been unfair to. It wasn't our intention and we'll progress to improve next year. If there's anything for us to improve please let us know. The feedback form is here on the website and also on all our social media outlets.

Stay tuned for nationals information and the top 3 finishers who will be eligible for nationals in the coming weeks. Thank you everyone once again for being MISTified and exemplifying excellence.

Yours truly,

Tehreem Hussain and Mohammed Kamran

MIST Chicago Executive Team




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